Monday, May 16, 2005

pop life May 14, 2005

pop life from may 14, 2005 (22.5 MB)

i, bob ngo the radio engineering idiot, forgot to record the first half hour of the show, which is the part of the show where ja'nean and i wax philosophically on the top 10 movies, CDs, and tv show of the week. i'm an idiot, i'm sorry. on a good note, our good friend stacie furia comes onto the show and talks about her research about representations of women in the military in film. good stuff. also, ja'nean and i also devote a good portion of the broadcast to rating the possible television shows for the upcoming fall season. the sound is pretty good, but it might be a little loud, which seems to only make my voice sound a little fuzzy. again, i'm an idiot, and the KJUC studios suck my ass. enjoy.


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