Tuesday, June 21, 2005

the end of an era

while i couldn't be happier about finally getting on the KCSB airwaves, i'm a little sad that the KJUC days are officially over. i've set up a new blog where you can start downloading our FM shows (tuesdays from 4AM to 6AM), including today's show. anyways, for anyone who spent some time listening to us, thanks. hope to see you on the FM side of the spectrum.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

pop life june 4, 2005

pop life from june 4th, 2005 (28.7 MB)

final episode of the quarter. on this show, we discuss further the tom cruise/katie holmes siutation, as well as an extended discussion of the broadcast flag and the file sharing court cases and their implications for how we as popular culture consumers consume and interact with cultural products and each other. hopefully in a few weeks we'll get called up to the big leagues on KCSB. i'll definitely keep y'all posted. until then, enjoy.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

pop life may 21, 2005

pop life from may 21 (29.6 MB)

sorry this is so late getting up. this is an pretty interesting show. jp is in the studi while i am on the phone from fredo's house in pasadena. strangely enough, the sound is damn near perfect. this week's extended topic is the place of video games in the pop culture pantheon. enjoy.

Monday, May 16, 2005

pop life May 14, 2005

pop life from may 14, 2005 (22.5 MB)

i, bob ngo the radio engineering idiot, forgot to record the first half hour of the show, which is the part of the show where ja'nean and i wax philosophically on the top 10 movies, CDs, and tv show of the week. i'm an idiot, i'm sorry. on a good note, our good friend stacie furia comes onto the show and talks about her research about representations of women in the military in film. good stuff. also, ja'nean and i also devote a good portion of the broadcast to rating the possible television shows for the upcoming fall season. the sound is pretty good, but it might be a little loud, which seems to only make my voice sound a little fuzzy. again, i'm an idiot, and the KJUC studios suck my ass. enjoy.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

pop life May 7, 2005

pop life from may 7, 2005 (27.5 MB)

sorry this took so long in getting up. overall it's a pretty good show. we do the usual shtick, but we also do an exclusive interview with the double fake michael jackson that should be good for some chuckles. the interview starts about an hour into the show if you just want to check that out. unfortunately, we had some audio problems towards the end of the show we're jp's and my mike start to feedback on us. however, you can hear the double fake michael jackson loud and clear. anyways, other than that, i think that the show sounds fine. enjoy.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

pop life Apr 30, 2005

pop life from apr 20, 2005 (29.1 MB)

nice little show from me and jp. today's topics range from the katie holmes/tom cruise pseudo romance to an extended discussion of MTV's real world and it's place in pop culture. i just went with the cd recording so we only got 80 minutes of the show. the last five minutes or so got cut out, but it's really not that big a deal. enjoy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

pop life Apr 23, 2005

pop life from apr 23, 2005 (24.8 MB)

this is kind of a half ass show. we got there late because we were at the movies and it was longer than we thought it was. anyways, there's no real topic in this show, but we discuss among other things, britney's pregnancy and the wheels-offness of natasha lyonne. enjoy.

pop life Apr 16, 2005

pop life from apr 16, 2005 (27.7 MB)

rejoice, for we're back everybody! in this broadcast, i (bob) am not a part of the broadcast as i was out of town that weekend. in my place there is a very interesting conversation with our colleague joanna davis as she educates us on the finer points of the aries sign and her research about aging in the punk scene. thanks joanna!

also you should note, we had some technical difficulties with joanna's mic (big surprise here at KJUC) so for the first twnety minutes you can only hear ja'nean talking. while she always has good things to say, it's hard to figure out exactly what's going on sometimes since you can only hear half of the conversation. if you can't stand it, then skip forward to about 23:05 into the broadcast.