Thursday, May 12, 2005

pop life May 7, 2005

pop life from may 7, 2005 (27.5 MB)

sorry this took so long in getting up. overall it's a pretty good show. we do the usual shtick, but we also do an exclusive interview with the double fake michael jackson that should be good for some chuckles. the interview starts about an hour into the show if you just want to check that out. unfortunately, we had some audio problems towards the end of the show we're jp's and my mike start to feedback on us. however, you can hear the double fake michael jackson loud and clear. anyways, other than that, i think that the show sounds fine. enjoy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Double-fake? I can't believe you called me double fake. That's just ignorant. That's ludicrous. I, Michael Jackson, was on the show and I enjoyed every minute of our interview. And now you stabbed me in the back. That's ignorant. Ludicrous.

7:26 PM  

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