Wednesday, April 27, 2005

pop life Apr 23, 2005

pop life from apr 23, 2005 (24.8 MB)

this is kind of a half ass show. we got there late because we were at the movies and it was longer than we thought it was. anyways, there's no real topic in this show, but we discuss among other things, britney's pregnancy and the wheels-offness of natasha lyonne. enjoy.

pop life Apr 16, 2005

pop life from apr 16, 2005 (27.7 MB)

rejoice, for we're back everybody! in this broadcast, i (bob) am not a part of the broadcast as i was out of town that weekend. in my place there is a very interesting conversation with our colleague joanna davis as she educates us on the finer points of the aries sign and her research about aging in the punk scene. thanks joanna!

also you should note, we had some technical difficulties with joanna's mic (big surprise here at KJUC) so for the first twnety minutes you can only hear ja'nean talking. while she always has good things to say, it's hard to figure out exactly what's going on sometimes since you can only hear half of the conversation. if you can't stand it, then skip forward to about 23:05 into the broadcast.