Sunday, February 13, 2005

welcome to pop life v 2.0

hello everyone,

this is the first post in the pop life v2.0 blog. from this blog, you will be able to download mp3s of a radio show done by two UCSB sociology graduate students. the name of the show is Pop Life v2.0. The show focuses on the going ons of the world of entertainment and popular culture as viewed through the lens of the sociology of culture. during the winter quarter of 2005, we will be actually doing the show on KJUC 770/880 AM in Santa Barbara on thursdays from 2:30PM to 4PM. Unfortunately, this is not the official radio station of UCSB. rather KJUC is the training station for aspiring KCSB 91.9 FM (the offical station) and the only place that you can hear KJUC is in the UCSB residence halls. i've set up this blog so that our friends and anyone else interested can still listen to our show. the way it works is that i'll just post a link to the MP3 and you can download and listen to the show on any standard MP3 player. since the show is about an hour and half long, the files are rather large, anywhere between 18 to 30 MB, so people who don't have broadband, it'll take a while to download the show. my suggestion to you people is to either download it overnight, or download the show at work or school, transfer it to your USB drive or zip disk and then load it onto your computer.

a few more technical notes. everything on the show, on this blog is copyrighted. if you rip us off now, we probably don't have the resources to track you down and sue your ass, but at some point, if we do breakthrough to NPR or something, we're coming back for our stuff...and then your ass.

i'm using feedburner to syndicate the blog. and according to feedburner, i've set the RSS settings so that the feed is podcast ready. i still haven't completely figured out how exactly podcasting works, so if someone wants to try it out and let me know if it is working then led me know. anyways, if any of this means anything to you than just click on the little XML button on the right there.

i also wouldn't bookmark this url just yet. i'm in the process of setting up the blog on my server, so in all likelihood, the web address of this site will change in the next few weeks.

we are complete amateurs when it comes to this radio/broadcasting/news reporting stuff so please bear with us as we work through these kinds of technical issues on the show.

otherwise, i hope that you enjoy our pseudo-intellectual take on popular culture. we would welcome any feedback that you might have for our show in the comments section.


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